2017 has been a rocky year for me, to say the least…full of it’s ups and downs but I will look forward to putting this one behind me and moving on to 2018. I haven’t been able to do much writing this year which is disappointing for me! Life has gotten on top of me really at times, to the point that you just wonder why life is worth continuing on with! I’m not depressed or anything in that way, I will admit that 2 deaths in my family has somewhat changed my way of life, amongst other things but I believe that things will turn around and I’ll make sure that it does by working harder and by writing more because that brings out the best in me.

2017 for the world has been a very stressful one, am I the only one who is already fed up with Brexit?! I voted remain but now would rather just get on with it, life goes on but everyday you hear about more issues relating to it and that we must look like fools on the world stage…treating the whole ordeal like a divorce, the EU wants money and to keep control….so what was the point of this whole separation if nothing will really change? Not really one for politics but I continue to live as normal, not really paying attention to the whole situation….in or out, France can still be seen from the Dover Cliffs, they will always be our neighbours and I’ll never stop wanting to visit our brothers and sisters on the continent!

However, the most common place that is always in the news is America! I’ll say it and I don’t care but America….WTF?! Your gun laws make no sense…everyone is entitled to bear arms because of the 2nd amendment?? Isn’t that the same document that has been altered and changed many times through the last hundred or so years? So tell me why the rules for gun control can’t be changed as year…I mean it literally makes no sense, over 13,000 killed by guns in 2015! Whereas in Britain….about 50-60 people! I only ever see guns after a terrorist incident forces danger levels up and the police are forced to carry them around for a while! Apart from that, I never see them and I’m glad of that…who would feel safe, knowing that most people around you might be packing a killing machine in a car, jean pocket or in your face? Every couple of weeks or so, you see on the news that a mass shooting has occurred and more innocent people die because someone got a little angry one day and decided to shoot someone over it?

What justifies so many guns? To look tough? Keep loved ones safe? I’m not saying ban guns altogether but why does it seem so easy to get one and why can so many people access them? I mean I can’t go to my nearest supermarket and buy one?! At least make the process of getting a weapon much harder and why has your president just made it legal for Mentally Ill people to get a hold of them? Things change for a reason…no offence America but you’ve been a country for about 300 so years…much younger than the rest of us and we’ve all had experiences and made changes to our laws because it makes sense! It’s hard to obtain guns over here because it would be beyond stupid to make it easy…do you know what happens when it’s not that hard to buy a machine gun which isn’t legal yet some people still get a hold of them?

Shootings, people dying for no reason! Where does common sense come in here…I mean I have Autism and in America would probably be put on some kind of medication for it but even when I’m angry or mad…I can’t just grab an automated weapon and gun someone down…I go for a walk or talk to a friend or family member and calm down! Yet a guy can obtain weapons and go to a hotel in Las Vegas and kill over 50 people! I mean this year alone, America has had over 300 shootings! Almost one a day! Let that sink in for a moment…I imagine the morning conversations in Europe and America being quite different.


Mum: Your in big trouble when you come home tonight


Mum: Your in big trouble…if you come home tonight

The worst bit about it all is how many Americans DEFEND their gun laws! They have a right to them and will never part with them…I mean with 2018 coming up, will anything really change….I would like to think so, that even America, the most stubborn country sometimes….will wake up and see that all these deaths caused by a lunatic wielding a gun could have been prevented…if they just make it harder, not easier to obtain a gun and not just any guns….the automatics, rifles, machine guns etc What sane person needs a machine gun? I mean I read somewhere that the more mass shootings, the more people go out and buy more guns! Got to protect yourself from that nutter Billy down the block!

People die in other ways as well, diseases…car accidents….yet cars serve the purpose of transportation…the only service a gun should serve is protection…..yet how many people actually use them just in case the house gets robbed or a life threatening situation? At least one shooting a day people!

 ”The ONLY thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Donald Trump

Constant jabs and insults tossed about the world, mostly between America and North Korea! Missile tests, threats of annihilation…what is the human race at the moment? It’s like we’ve all lost the plot since the millennium began! All sense went out of the window and we get that bit more crazier each time a new year comes around! Can Earth just calm down a little bit before something serious happens, something that we can’t come back from? Maybe make it so you can’t go to your local Walmart and purchase a killing machine…stricter background checks maybe…especially at gun shows where they don’t even do them apparently! A bit of common sense wouldn’t go a miss! Just make the process a bit more reasonable and not like doing a spelling test, most can do! Most of the world learned from mistakes involving guns and changed rules to make it better…why is it so hard for you to do the same?

The way we are going, it won’t be robots, aliens, religious event or other worldly thing to wipe out the human race…we’re good at making things go extinct…does that include ourselves though? Wouldn’t shock me!

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