The meal- It’s a good part of the day to be honest…I know it’s all about coming together with the ones you love but you have to eat during the day as well and what better way to do so than over a Christmas feast and whether that be Turkey, Ham or even Goose…the food is a pivotal part of the day to be honest, you wine and dine together and pull the crackers, listen to the terrible jokes and wear the paper hats together…things you might not normally do but you do it anyway because it’s part of the fun. I’ll eat more than I usually do on Christmas but I don’t care, I love jogging and exercise so I’ll lose it in the new year regardless so I’m going to enjoy myself this Christmas!

Family- I enjoy going across to my parents house for the day, even though this year my family will be missing a few people this time round…not been a fantastic year in that respect but you have to keep going because life goes on! You might not always get along with family, I mean for most of the year you might not get along at all! Yet for some reason, that isn’t always the case on Christmas Day

Presents- Now I know that receiving a present isn’t what Christmas is all about…doesn’t mean that I still can’t enjoy it, can I! I’m not a kid anymore so I buy gifts for many people and spend quite a bit on them as well, so forgive me for being happy about getting something in return for it! it’s 2017 man…things get more expensive every year and it makes you wish you were younger so you didn’t have to buy anything, let your parents or Santa deal with that! Although to be fair, I’ve forgotten what Santa’s address is for the North Pole….oh dear. Still haven’t got that pair of socks yet for Christmas so I still have hope that I don’t need to have any kids just so I can find the day fun again!

Reflection- It’s at times such as this that you feel lucky for what you have! Not everyone enjoys Christmas, granted and not everyone will have anyone to spend Christmas with which is heartbreaking and unfortunate because no one likes to think that many people on this planet that would once be sat at the dinner table with family and friends is sat alone in a house…feeling down or perhaps not, maybe some people don’t mind, I don’t want to assume that everyone minds it. Those that are spending time with family and friends or either…have you ever had a think and thought, I actually am thankful for what I have? I mean when I found out that I had Autism, I hated life for a long time, and nearly hated everyone because of it but because of my acceptance and learning from past mistakes, I feel fortunate that I have what I have because at one point, I felt like I had nothing nor ever would! So I enjoy Christmas so much now because It feels like a celebration for me,  that everything turned out alright. I used to really not enjoy Christmas so I’m happy that I am able to once more because it sucks when everyone else around you is doing so and you feel like the only scrooge around!


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