I found an article on Spectrum News that asks the question- Why too many children with Autism end up in foster care! That made me want to click so I did and I gave it a read, just like you can as well by clicking the blue link up above. Note that this is an American article and I live in Britain so the situations might be quite different in both countries, I might have a different understanding to say someone in America on how Autism is dealt with!

If you are unaware to what Foster care is, The Dictionary describes it as

  1. temporary custody or guardianship for children whose parents are dead or unable to look after them.
    “they were voluntarily placed in foster care
    – The Dictionary 

Now, as we may all know somewhat…having Autism isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to live with! For parents and siblings, it can be a challenge sometimes to take care of someone with Autism, it depends on how severe they have it. They could be like me and only have the smallest dab of it or they could have the full dose and I’m not going full detail in what that could be like or else I’ll be here all day! It’s a cruel world and sometimes, families just don’t have the resources or strength to fully be able to look after someone with special needs, it’s a sad reality of life but a true one!

So what happens when a child with Autism unfortunately ends up in Foster Care? Well according to the article, all children are automatically registered with Medicaid and anyone foster parents who take in a child are given funds for the child’s care- makes sense, right?

We have found that children with autism are particularly likely to end up in the foster care system.- Spectrum News

That line raised my eyebrows and made me cough up a cup of coffee, I kind of understand it, yet I also don’t…what is it about having Autism that makes this likelihood so high? Forgive me for thinking this but I have Autism and nothing of this sort was ever considered but then again, I live in Britain and the NHS but I never had any medications or major concerns, maybe I was just lucky? Looking at something at this and seeing that many people with Autism end up in foster care makes me feel a little bit sad. I hate being a burden on anyone…I needed a lot of attention as a child, especially when it was hard to understand any of my actions, getting into trouble for it…especially when a lot of that attention should have also gone towards my older brother, I’ll always feel bad about that!

Saying all of the above, I have met others with Autism, some were like me yet others were not, the manner of how the really struggled with being around other people…even randomly hitting others without as much as an explanation…I guess I understand it, many people with special needs do have medications and need constant care, to which many families will not be able to afford. Thinking back, a show based on Autism that I watched last year involved a family who had to give up their child with Autism to foster care happened…because he was very violent and for the sake of the family, they said it had to happen…this child had bars on his window and would be locked in his room for a lot of the day as he couldn’t control his outbursts and it was getting serious, enough for a major decision like that to occur.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to give up a child because you can’t afford the care they need except that it has to be heartbreaking, yet it happens. So can anything be done about what’s going on pretty much in many countries around the world, not just America? Probably, yes! According to the article, more help for these families are needed but I won’t go into it here, you’ll have to read the article and see what they suggest but for right now, we all know that everyone with Autism is different, no one is the same so it’s hard to pin down and I guess I somewhat understand why some people struggle to understand why it even is…I’ve heard it all but for some individuals, life is a real struggle…what some of us may consider simple and easy tasks to accomplish, for them…it can be like climbing Mount Everest!

We have an old saying in life, if your having a bad time, it’s always worse for someone else out there…that saying couldn’t be more true! The world is a cruel place, we all get that…we’ve all been through some hardships and have to overcome many obstacles to prove ourselves to others who don’t think we have what it takes but it’s with every victory that we all have, no matter how small or big that makes this place feel a little bit more fair every time. I just keep going every day, knowing that I have a lot to prove to people, not as much as I used to but whenever someone finds out that I have Autism, it’s another non believer to prove wrong, yet I can’t imagine how much harder that would be in foster care.



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