Hello everyone!

As a writer, I like to just type up whatever I feel like from time to time so I’ll be doing so every couple of days or so! I mean, why not? If you’ve read any of my blogs before, you’ll know that I have Autism! Not that I constantly go on about it or anything…anyway that does tend to me my main talking point, probably because most of my life has revolved around dealing with having it but to be honest, it’s isn’t that much of a factor for me today as it was say…10 years ago…I feel like a different person in 2018 to 2008 but then again, most people will do after a decade has passed them by!

10 years ago, I would try to avoid going out to see friends and be social, it tired me out far too much and caused so many meltdowns if I did something stupid! I remember going to a friends house with some others and we played on the Nintendo Wii for a while when for some reason….I just wanted to get up and leave…I had to go outside because I wanted to cry…It’s hard to explain but I had this strange feeling and I had to go outside and calm down. I don’t remember much else, except that I wandered half a smile down the road…must of thought a walk would calm me down but a friend came after me and persuaded me to come back to the house and this was significant for me because as far as I can remember, that was the last time I ever properly panicked when being with friends…well one other time a few years later but I only went outside for a minute or so…shouldn’t really count!

Yet now, I’m seeing friends tonight, again tomorrow and arranging to travel down south to see some friends this summer…it feels weird to be suddenly…sociable, not sure how to feel about it but I’m enjoying it at the moment, may it continue! This was something that I thought I would never have years ago so to be able to have such good mates around me is something that I’ll never let go off again.

I’m starting a fantasy story this year, which I’m really excited about as I’ve always wanted to write a story but have always never found the time to do so…yet I have set aside at least an hour on most days to do some writing for it, so I’ll have to see how that goes but so far, I have some characters written down, minus the names, the plot and I have started doing some world building! Also ordered a book on fantasy writing to help me along the way which is good because I wouldn’t want to spend a few years on this and then find out I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time! It’s all part of the adventure though!

Getting ready to go and watch a football match tomorrow! Premier League as Huddersfield Town take on West Ham United! I’m a Town Fan and have been to most Home games this season, minus the Tottenham Match (Work) and Stoke match on Boxing Day (Not trains running) but all the others, I have been at and it’s been a fun season! Some ups, downs and stalemates but whatever happens when the season ends, it’ll be something that I’ll always remember…I mean when you beat Manchester United 2-1, you hold on to that memory for the rest of your life! Ironically, people with Autism tend to not enjoy spaces full of people but I love going to a football stadium, the vast noise and excitement over a team kicking a football into a net!

Got a busy few days coming up so I’m looking forward to it all! Already trying to make 2018 a good year, which I’m impressed with as I usually just wait for things to happen but this time round, I’m trying to make them happen!


Have a good weekend!

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