Today, I have something to say regarding Huddersfield Town, Premier League team who have just drawn 1-1 against Championship side Birmingham and recently lost to Leicester City, West Ham, Liverpool and Stoke City. This isn’t a moan about losing matches in the league…it was to be expected! What I have a problem with recently is a lack of ambition, watching players deflate and look clueless on the pitch and resort to passing the ball around before giving it back to the goalkeeper who will often nearly give it away to the opposition.

If any goal is something to scratch your head about, it has to be the Roberto Firmino goal in the Liverpool match…literally walks into a box full of defenders from the side and kicks it in! In League One, that’s embarrassing! We can’t defend like that if we want to stay in this league…we seemed so much more firm and strong at the back before that Burnley game…ever since then, goals come flying in…although the same was in the Championship…we got promoted with a negative goal difference after all!

Now, if relegation happens, I won’t rant and complain…because let’s be honest, it was always going to be a huge task to remain in the league when one year prior, we were favorites to be relegated to League One! Yet what a season it turned out to be! So if it doesn’t work out for us this time around, how can we be so angry and upset over it? At least we would be able to say that we saw Huddersfield Town playing Premier League football against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City! I’m not saying relegation is a certainty but with current form, that conclusion is slowly become a reality but the team can do something about it, they just need to be more brave on the pitch, don’t let other teams intimidate them! go for it, put that extra effort in, like it’s a cup final and see what happens because I have felt like the team hasn’t tried as hard as it did at the start of the season because we have slightly overachieved by getting wins over Manchester United, Watford and Newcastle…you always hear David Wagner sound so sure of the players and that everything will be fine, a slight sign of arrogance perhaps or maybe they really believe that things will turn around, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What are you doing Huddersfield? What has happened to you ever since you drew 0-0 with Burnley…as we drew 2017 to a close and celebrated just what a year it had been for the club to bring in a horror show of a month to kick of 2018! A question I’ve been asking for quite a while now and before you say that I am being harsh to a team that got promoted to the Premier League on a minor goal difference, it’s hard to not do so when the first half of the season has Huddersfield show fight, passion and a drive to give their all…even in defeat! Yet ever since January started, the team looks deflated and lifeless! A noticeable change has appeared at the Kirklees Stadium and the team’s performance is lackluster and the players look terrified, perhaps even tired!

We feel far removed from last August when we had our first home match against Newcastle, that 1-0 win got us all buzzing! The obvious highlight was our famous 2-1 victory over Manchester United! The effort we put in against Manchester City, albeit we lost but we fought from start to finish and made them work hard for that win! Going to Watford and putting 4 past them, once more giving Town fans hope on away days! Here are the teams Huddersfield have defeated so far.

Crystal Palace (A)

Newcastle (H)

Manchester United (H) 

West Brom (D)

Brighton (H)

Watford (A) 


In January, Huddersfield brought in two players, neither of them have decent experience in the Premier League and way before Deadline Day, David Wagner admitted that the likelihood of bringing in anyone else was unlikely…Terence Kongolo and Alex Pritchard have played but not for a full 90 minutes together yet. Brought on as subs in the 4-1 defeat to West Ham but Pritchard debuted fully in the 2-0 defeat to Stoke City. While it’s early days to judge them both fairly on performances, does everyone feel confident in the squad of players that we have to keep us in the Premier League or is it a task too much for the boys to handle? Should Huddersfield got another couple of players in with some experience of the league we are in?

For a while now, I have been thinking that the real leader of the Huddersfield squad is Elias Kachunga and I’ll tell you why I think that! Ever since he got injured against Watford in December, Huddersfield have gone down hill and it feels like all along, he was the glue that held Town together. Mounie and Depoitre have scored a few goals each but need to score more, in fact Huddersfield need to score more as a whole or we don’t stand a hope of staying in the Premier League.

Huddersfield are punching above their weight, so to speak…when David Wagner started, we were almost down in League One and look at us now, fighting for survival in the Premier League! Never say never but whatever happens, what a season! I’ll be proud whatever happens to us but what worries me about relegation are two things

  • Will Wagner go?
  • How many key players will go?

If we get relegated, we could be looking at a very different Huddersfield Town come August and I don’t know what will happen, although we will get a parachute payment for going to the Championship…will that money be invested somewhat in players to possibly fight for promotion once more, it happened once so why not?

Currently, Huddersfield have 24 points in the Premier League and sit 14th place in the Premier League, having not won a match in the 2018 calendar match as of yet, unless you count the FA Cup victory over Championship side Bolton! Here is the remaining fixtures for Huddersfield Town up to May, where the season ends.


30/01 Liverpool (H) lost 3-0


03/02 Manchester United (A)

06/02 Birmingham (A) FA Cup

11/02 Bournemouth (H)

24/02 West Brom (A)


03/03 Tottenham (A)

10/03 Swansea (H)

17/03 Crystal Palace (H)

31/03 Newcastle (A)


07/04 Brighton (A)

14/04 Watford (H)

21/04 Chelsea (A)

28/04 Everton (H)


05/05 Manchester City (A)

13/05 Arsenal (H)

If you look at those fixtures, some are winnable for Huddersfield Town, it’s not over until it’s over and every game is a new chance to get a win and get that confidence back into the players as well as the fans, it’s well needed because doubt is lurking, the hype from the first few months is long gone now and many around the country are putting Huddersfield as favorites to drop back down to the Championship. Realistically, 16 points are needed to get to 40 points and these are the games I personally think are the best chance we have to get those vital points.

11/02 Bournemouth (H) 

 10/03 Swansea (H) 

31/03 Newcastle (A) 

07/04 Brighton (A) 

14/04 Watford (H) 

I also think a point can be picked up against Crystal Palace and possibly Everton as well so we have plenty of chances to get to that safe zone but we need to get out of this rut we have found ourselves in and shake off the disbelief that we can’t stay in this league! We’ve shown that at times, we can win games! I mean we got over 20 points by Christmas but like I said before, we have slipped in January and I have no idea where the next points will come from but I would love to have them soon, just to get that belief that I crave back, not fear the next opponents and assume that we don’t stand a chance, after the West Ham game and how easy it was for them to put 4 past us, it’s easy to see why…in our back yard and it was simple for West Ham, easy for Chelsea and a walk in the park for Tottenham.

Consider the other teams around us, Brighton, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Swansea, Stoke etc  Our fate may lie in the hands of our opponents and the results that they get! We do need wins but I also think we need luck on our side as well, results in our favor and points and we can get out of this situation….it is possible that next season, Huddersfield will still be in the Premier League! Yet we have to get out of this rut, get some wins, preferably before that match against Chelsea in April! If those wins that I mentioned before occur then we will have a great chance as that would put us on 39 points! If we can get to around 35 points and have a little bit of luck on our side, we have a chance as well…yet if we lose those games then we will definitely be returning to the 2nd tier of English Football and we’ll have to cherish the memories as we prepare for all those Yorkshire derbies once more! I highly doubt however we will go all the way until May without any wins…the way we played in the first half of the season makes me believe that…we went through a bad spell already this season, which was followed by a fantastic December so I firmly believe that we can get back to a good run of form…after the Man United match!

I will admit that I haven’t been a lifelong Terrier Fan in any way, I started supporting them in 2012 when I started going to University in Huddersfield but I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I’ve seen Town get thrashed by Bristol City 3-0, destroy Bolton 5-1 and get into the Premier League by beating Reading via penalties at Wembley and I know that relegation is a possibility, a high one at that and if it does happen, It’ll hurt but I’ll be proud of the team regardless and back to see them once more in August, whatever league they play in because that’s what you do!  I’ll cherish the match day programmes from every home match, the Huddersfield Premier League shirt! Various other memories I have of the season for the rest of my life! I started liking Huddersfield when they were fighting for survival in the Championship and have to admit, it was the best decision I ever made…I love the club and always will! The fans are great and I love the stadium!



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