What sort of job is best for someone with Autism? Whatever you want to do really! If you have a dream then go for it, despite your Autism because where does it say anywhere that you can’t do a job because of your Autism? Skills and experience…yes but Autism…no! That’s just silly if you want my opinion…I used to be afraid of working around others because of what could happen but I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me or stress me out anymore.

At the moment, I work in a supermarket and immediately, that raises alarm bells for some people, because that involves interaction with strangers…lots of them all day, everyday and you know what, that’s one of my favorite parts of the job! Is my job glamorous, no but it pays the bills and for now, that’s enough! It will be until me and my wife start a family together, then we’ll see what happens but for right now, I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

I have many regular customers that come to my till and ask how I am and I often get good comments about how cheerful and friendly I am…something that I struggled with at first as I started this job over 3 yrs ago but with time and practice, it’s easy for me now…I even go on self service sometimes and it can be a war-zone, having to watch multiple machines at once but I am getting the hang of it! Sure you have long days of doing the same thing over and over again and it might be repetitive and all but I don’t mind it, the staff are friendly and so are most of the customers, so I often have a good laugh.

When you hear Autism…you think about struggling socially so why would I choose to work in a supermarket of all places, where you are forced to serve people all day and interact with them? Simple…I have to and I’m not fussy or think I’m too good for a job…I worked at McDonald’s once…for a month then quit because I didn’t enjoy a single bit of it! Would you if a burger was thrown in your face?!

Of course work can be stressful but I enjoy it…even getting bored on days off sometimes because…well I don’t know but I feel like I just lounge about sometimes when I would normally be working so it gets a little annoying from time to time but days off are good but holidays can get a little annoying after a few days.

I enjoy working and I love interacting with people because 9/10 are friendly and kind but you’ll always get the 1 who is in a bad mood or makes things awkward for you but you just don’t let them ruin your day! I’d love to learn what other jobs people with Autism do and what experiences they have…do they struggle in a job or do they thrive? I don’t want to just read the stereotypical comments saying that people with Autism would struggle to even get a job.

I have a friend with Autism who works in a lab and another in a chocolate factory! I know some people won’t want to work around people in a million years, the public just won’t interest them but for me, when I thought about that…it cuts out a majority of jobs to do and where I’m from…you can’t afford to be picky, you have to take what you can get if you want to put food on the table!

So a jobs a job…my Autism doesn’t limit what I can and can’t apply for…my skills or lack off determines that!

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