I do not hate Roman Reigns! He’s not the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen before…I just don’t like him, his character or what he does in the ring. I can easily list wrestlers I prefer over Roman Reigns, such as

  • Finn Balor
  • AJ Styles
  • Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Seth Rollins
  • Brawn Strowman
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Sami Zayn
  • Asuka
  • Bayley
  • Charlotte Flair
  • Becky Lynch
  • Kevin Owens
  • Cesaro
  • Sheamus
  • Rusev
  • The Usos
  • Samoa Joe
  • Bludgeon Brothers
  • Matt Hardy
  • Baron Corbin
  • Cory Greaves

In that order! However, I can list some wrestlers that I don’t like more than Roman Reigns as well so Reigns isn’t that one wrestler that makes me mute or change the channel, many more on the roster are just terrible.

  • Sasha Banks
  • Elias
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Riot Squad
  • Ascension
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Carmella
  • Lana
  • Titus Worldwide
  • Brock Lesnar
  • The New Day
  • Dana Brooke
  • Byron Saxton
  • Micheal Cole
  • The Miz

And this year is no exception for Reigns being in the man spotlight…when you have AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura on the same show, you just know that Roman Reigns will be in the last match of the night against the part-timer Brock Lesnar! Would I prefer Roman Reigns to be Universal Champion over Brock Lesnar…absolutely! It needs to be back on Raw every single week, not 7 or 8 times a year! Although I would prefer Finn Balor to get back his championship that he never technically lost but oh well, the Roman Empire is set to return.

It feels though that I’ve been forced to like Roman Reigns by WWE and I don’t like being told that I have to like anyone actually…I’d rather choose my favourite wrestlers by myself…when you put the same guy in 4 Wrestlemania main events, all in a row, let him win the Royal Rumble and have the Rock endorse him…yet to have it all fail…you’d think you would admit defeat but WWE seems to be continuing on with him as the number one guy and its annoying because I just don’t see what’s so special about him to make him a Stone Cold, Rock or John Cena?!

His move set has slightly gotten better in the last couple of years but his best moves are just cringing to see…. the spear, how original! And that stupid Superman punch just might be the worst move in WWE…it’s literally a jumping punch, like Mario opening a coin block! Yet some people do like him so fair enough, he must be doing something right to get some cheers but honestly, I think the boo’s are still louder than the cheers so more people are fed up of having this guy forced upon them, rather than those who want him where he currently is!

His promo skills aren’t that fantastic either, he sounds far too cocky to be a face and some of those lines he has come out with over the years…we can never go back from those! However, the main reason I don’t like Reigns isn’t that of Roman Reigns himself but because of another human being on the show who quite frankly, makes me not like Sasha Banks somewhat as well! That someone is…Micheal Cole

  • It’s Boss Time
  • SPEAR!!
  • You say Us…I say O!

His commentary has made me hate many wrestlers over the years, a team I can refer to from the last few years are the Usos before they got serious and stopped wearing face paint etc after that, I started to enjoy the Usos a lot more and now they are one of my favourite tag teams! Sasha Banks…great wrestler but I can’t stand it when she comes out for a match and Micheal Cole will always say that one line that is cringing because as of right now, Sasha is no boss! A boss can retain her championship, not lose it on the first defence attempt yet she has lost it 4 times this way…shes slowly coming background now but I still think she has a long way to go yet…Bayley as well sunk in my opinion but that was because of her booking ever since she came up for NXT and when she came up to the main roster, was made into a little child! Byron Saxton getting overexcited whenever her Bayley Buddies came out made me want to change the channel! And whenever the New Day come out…can’t stand the man!

Overall, Reigns isn’t the worst but I just don’t like him, sorry but I don’t think I ever will but I don’t hate him either!

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  1. BROCK! Lesssssnarrrrr….My family loves to watch wrestling while I am doing the dishes at night so I hear it in the background. And Nakumura has cracked me up a couple of times when I walked passed the TV in the past. I don’t think they like Roman – but they don’t hate him like they hate the Miz. I think my oldest likes AJ Styles and Finn Baylor as well.

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