When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome which nowadays is considered to be a mild form of Autism, not really sure why…to make it simpler or something…who knows but the change was a bit of a confusing one as far as I was concerned at the time but decided to just go with it and say I had mild Autism, rather than Aspergers. Apparently, it is no longer an official diagnosis in America but as of 2013, the rest of the world was still recognizing it. Why would you need to remove the term in the first place though? What harm was it really doing…was it just to make things simpler by just saying mild Autism or ASD instead?

Do I still consider myself to have Aspergers or mild Autism? This is something that I have been unsure about for quite some time now but in every single blog post I have written on WordPress, I have stated that I have mild Autism, yet back when I was diagnosed….it was under the name of Aspergers Syndrome.

Many people say that I should say Mild Autism over Aspergers and I’ve never understood why that is…even family have said that the Autism term is the more up to date term nowadays and I remember seeing something like this on the news a few years ago. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel (DSM) removed the term Aspergers Syndrome, However, anyone diagnosed before the year 2013 has officially retained their diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.

I think it’s a little different in America, then it is to the rest of the world like the UK (Britain) tends to follow the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD) which still recognizes Aspergers. Honestly, does it really even matter at this point? Aspergers, mild Autism…who really cares? You have a form of Autism one way or another! I’ve always known that I have a low version of it, so the name doesn’t really matter to me personally but the fact that the term ‘Aspergers’ came into consideration whether to still use it or not seemed a little weird to me.

No idea how other people feel about this at all but personally, the term Asperger’s comes from the man Hans Aspergers…the man who discovered it! So why remove that? Putting all the levels into one category was so confusing, to begin with, and having always said I had Aspergers most of my life to being told I was wrong was bloody frustrating! I mean, maybe the term is becoming outdated, I don’t know but I prefer saying Aspergers over mild Autism…I don’t know why I just do! It’s what I was diagnosed with…I wasn’t told I had a mild case of Autism, it was Asperger’s Syndrome, I have the document!

When the term somewhat vanished in some places, I was being treated as someone who had a high level of Autism, even though I have a very low level and it was annoying and humiliating a little because I pride myself as someone who has overcome obstacles that no one thought I’d ever reach all by myself, to be treated like I couldn’t even tie my own shoelaces was insulting, to say the least!  Enough people in this world are confused as it is when it comes to Autism, DON’T CONFUSE THEM EVEN MORE WITH THIS! Why put everyone together when we are all different and unique, will treating us all the same help? No! I have different issues to deal with than Jim does over there, he needs a bit more help then I do, he can’t communicate at all and will probably be able to live on his own so why label us both as the same?

Maybe I’m overreacting but when I know people get annoyed that people with Autism hate being told your just the same as everyone else who has it, why would anyone be ok with medical professionals putting us all into the same category when we all have different concerns and struggles when it comes to Asperger’s or Autism? The ones who can communicate and those who can’t, the people who can take care of themselves and those who really struggle to do the most basic of tasks without any help, I just don’t get it!

Perhaps there is a good reason for this but as of right now, I have no idea what that possibly could be, would love someone to enlighten me on this!


  1. I think you say whatever you want to say. My daughter was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism a few years ago. I guess if she was diagnosed 10 years ago it would have been Asperger’s. Sometimes I just say Asperger’s because it is the term most people are familiar with.

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