Everyone likes to make a huge deal about Aspergers, Autism etc like it’s this life-changing disease or something that should be feared…I mean when you hear about people not vaccinating their children because they think it will make them Autistic is quite frightening to have and sends a message out to the world that you do not want to have your child be Autistic! It’s hard to not feel a little down because of that because I have felt shame for what I have and that was because of a lack of understanding! To hear of people coming up with ‘cure’ ideas that involve bleach is even worse!

For me, my Aspergers makes me nervous around me and it can be hard to make friends but you can have those issues and not have Autism in any shape or form…it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you, not at all…we all have issues and mountains to climb in life but why is it once something is given a label, like Autism…some people come out with the dumbest statements I’ve ever seen! Whether you have high Autism or mild like I do…Bleach or not having vaccinations, believing they are the cause of it all is just stupid! Idiotic…it’s 2018, not the 1500’s I thought the human race was meant to be more intelligent then our ancestors and most are…yet you get the odd nutcase who thinks bleaching the bloody brain is a good idea!

Understand this, many people on this planet treat Autism like it’s something to be ashamed of, that your children will get it and be doomed or something, the number of pages and posts all over the internet slamming it and making anyone with it look like the dumbest people in the world…because they hear Autism and assume that anyone who has it are losers with no friends or brains! I like to see the best in everyone…I don’t like confrontations or arguments, had enough of them already but I know they aren’t unavoidable and for a huge part of my childhood, if anyone made fun of me for what I had, I’d lose the plot…mostly because I didn’t want to be insulted for something that I had no sense of at the time…Autism had taken everything away from me, mostly because people around me pulled me out of big classes, made my friends abandon me and drained away every bit of confidence I ever had before hand…to see so many people look at what I have and fear it…it hurts.

I, for one, feel no shame for what I have, It doesn’t make me any less human than anyone else but then again…it’s always others that will say that to me, not me saying it myself…well not anymore but that’s only because I had time to myself to figure everything out about me and I realized that I’m just fine, nothing wrong with me that many others on this planet aren’t going through as well so why should I moan and groan and not just get on with things?! No one can even tell that I have Autism and if I never said anything, they probably never would! Why would I need to worry about anything when it comes to other people’s opinions when it comes to having Autism? I’ve been there when others look at me as the freak who doesn’t have friends, who are laughed at by everyone and made to feel so low and they loved every single second of it, to be told by medical professionals that I would never amount to anything because I had to learn everything from scratch…nothing came naturally to me and in some ways, it still stings today!

True that everyone with Autism is different and hence we all differ on how we live our lives with it…how we struggle with certain things and what not and everyone gets confused by this because they think we all act the same, friendless losers who prefer time to themselves and probably still live with their parents at the age of 35, because we apparently have no social skills! I yearn for a day where it can be more accepted that we are all unique, Autism doesn’t hold us all down so do not treat us all exactly the same…do some research, it makes you lazy in 2018 if you can’t just Google an answer at the very least! Unless you don’t have a phone or a computer…go to your local library and read a book, they still exist!

How many times does someone have to explain Autism to the world before it finally gets it? You don’t learn about it in school or anything so how does anyone really learn about it? How do we learn about any disabilities as a child? Maybe things have changed in the education systems worldwide but as far I can remember, I only found out about certain things by meeting people who had them, then I’d ask others about it and wouldn’t get much of an answer so as I got older, learnt more and more but at the same time, others could have found out in different ways and had a different understanding to what I do, hence a different opinion about it as well because whoever we learn from about these things, it’s all based on how they feel about it as well, so if a parent hates Autism and is asked about it by their child, what kind of answer do you think the child will get?

Maybe one day, I won’t have to read about bleach and Autism or bloody vaccinations already…one guy says something, gets proven wrong but people are certain that he was correct and refuse to listen?! Then again, you have people who think the planet’s round…you bloody tell me how Sir Francis Drake sailed around the entire globe then? Maybe Autism will just be a thing that can make some people a little anti-social, maybe it’s just something where we have to try a little harder than others to achieve something…some more than others and some will have Autism really badly, where some will have the tiniest amount but others will be accepting of it…as a species, we should be smart enough to accept all these disabilities and show a bit more compassion, rather than fear and disdain towards them! it’s 2018…why are we still struggling with disabilities, race, gender equality and wars still? You hear about us making robots and one day, they’ll be doing all the meaningless jobs etc and what not….why are we doing that when we have enough issues to sort out amongst ourselves?

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