It’s nearly April…hurray because anyone with Autism knows exactly what that means…World Autism Awareness Day and Awareness month and such, this comes around as quickly as Christmas does! Everyone boycotts the colour Blue and we all moan and groan about the group known as Autism Speaks….or as I see it as Auti$m $peaks and for me, it’s a strange time.  I don’t live in America so for most of my life, I didn’t know it existed, yet in America, this stupid group acts like they are raising money for Autism, where they are really looking to eradicate it because they view it as a nuisance and a disease on the world.


I love the colour blue and it infuriates me that this group uses it in its propaganda campaign and I will still use Blue in April but it will have nothing to do with this group at all! They never get a penny from me nor will they ever because I have Autism and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in my life and in a way, my Autism has actually helped me overcome many obstacles because it has made me try so much harder to get over the finish lines of life…how dare a group like this that calls themselves Autism Speaks act like they represent everyone with Autism when no one with Autism is in their organization!  from what I’ve read and watched is that they hate people with Autism and see them as disease-ridden, wanting to rid the earth of it, like we’re the walking dead or something!

Next up is this thing!



It’s blue because, for a long time, it was thought only boys could get Autism?



A puzzle piece, why do we see it all over the place when you talk about Autism? Because we are puzzles apparently…needed to be solved because we cause such a strain on the world because we’re all so anti-social and struggle in daily society, where some of us can’t function properly and have to have care every day…We are all bundled in as the same by this group and if you’ve seen that infamous video they produced which I think can still be found on the internet, you’ll know how they really feel about us so I fully understand why so many people with Autism can’t stand this idiotic group. Not to mention that the piece is blue because it was widely accepted by this group that only boys could be Autistic but as well all know today in 2018 that many girls are also Autistic…I don’t see light it up pink anywhere!

I seriously question Autism Speaks intelligence…like really, are they stupid? Does one member of that board have an actual brain? Are they time travellers from the Middle Ages because they sound like witch doctors…I’m surprised that leeches haven’t been suggested as a cure for Autism yet…we’ve had this stuff already!



Bleach…really?! Surely no one is dumb enough to think that’s clever…the only thing this will do is send you to your grave! BTW I found the Autism Speaks video! Amazed it’s still up actually! Click the link and see for yourself! The most ironic thing about this whole ordeal is the name Autism Speaks…no one in that group is Autistic and they pretty much despise the whole thing so them speaking for us is one massive joke! They sound like a cult, they actually sound like a cult dedicated to tricking the world into making people with Autism be despised by all! It’s sickening but beyond all, in my mind…it’s very stupid…I generally think every member of Autism Speaks is unintelligent and very unrespectable, yet they think their smart and will be successful but the funny thing I find in all of this is that they will fail! Of course, they will fail because Autism can’t be cured…it’s not a disease! It’s nothing to be ashamed of!


This group will never represent me and I don’t care what propaganda they come up with in the future because I know one day, they will close their doors and cease to exist…all groups like this eventually do! They’re a bunch of stubborn people who don’t even understand what Autism is…their like a citizen in the 1600’s that thinks every old woman is a witch and tries to have them be burned…it all fades out eventually because the world evolves and they will be left behind in the past because they are not intelligent enough to move on with the times, that or they are really stubborn and refuse to listen to common sense…mostly because they won’t make money anymore!

I mean look at people with vaccinations, they hear that it could make their child Autistic and refuse to have them be treated so now other diseases that those vaccinations prevented are returning in some areas…a group like this feeds of fear of those that believe everything they read and see because we don’t all ask questions anymore, we don’t do enough research, we just believe the first thing we see or hear and go with that and that’s amassive issue in my eyes because a lot of gullable people exist on this planet!

So this month, don’t fund this cult that will do nothing towards making the life of Autistic better, they won’t help others understand what Autism is, how can they when they don’t understand themselves? All they will do is fund their marketing even more and make you think Autism is something to fear, not understand that it isn’t as bad as they will tell you…we have many things to fear in this world, Autism isn’t one of them!

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