Warning- This might be upsetting to some people, so if you’re easily offended or queasy then click off this blog!

Have you ever had to question human beings before? Like, the amount of idiots that are on this planet are more than I am comfortable with and when I say idiots, I don’t mean anyone with mental health issues or anything like that but say…someone who films a dead body in a Japanese forest or say…want to chop their sons head off because he has Autism…you know, that kind of stuff! I like to think that we can all be bright and vibrant people who can make this world a better place, then on some days, you come across stories like this and question humanity as a whole!

In the Miami Herald– Click on the blue highlighted words for the article! It has been reported that a mother apparently tried to chop off her son’s head…why would someone attempt something so evil on their own son? Because of his Autism…that’s right, she was afraid he would be a burden, so of course, trying to kill them…that and he apparently was playing video games instead of doing his homework! Curse Autism making play games! (Sarcasm) is the best course of action! (Heavy sarcasm!) I won’t name her on anyone on here, you can click the link and find out for yourselves but the question here is…are people afraid of Autism? Or should it be, are people ashamed of it? Some struggle to cope taking care of someone with Autism…I mean I know my parents struggled with me but I’m still here! I mean why else would you consider murdering your children unless you are ashamed of them for apparently being ‘burdens’…if anything, the mother is a burden on society because she tried to kill a child! Just because he had Autism…makes no sense otherwise, unless your unstable and have no business having children!

In the article, it goes on to explain a bit in detail how she began to saw down on her son’s neck but he was able to get away and grab the saw…not that much of a burden if he can defend himself! This line was my favourite in the whole article…

”Her attorney told FOX 5 that his client didn’t intend to harm the child”- Miami Herald

So the saw was meant to be a nice neck massage right? Last time I checked, sawing a neck with a bow saw is going to be excruciating! You ain’t fooling anyone with that! The article goes on to say that many other parents have been caught neglecting mentally disabled children and even adults with one set of parents just abandoning their son on the side of the road…not wanting him anymore! and another was caught locking their autistic child in an unfinished basement…thats without a toilet or a sink…WTF?! Tantrums being the main cause of it…I’m sensing a theme of parents unable to cope with looking after a child or adult with Autism…so torturing them, locking them away or even killing them is the solution…ASK FOR HELP! You’re telling me a country with 325.7 million people in it and you can’t find at least 1 person who can assist you?! That’s your child…you can’t love them that much if you want them to suffer or even die!

True, we have people in this world that are ashamed of Autism COUGH Autism Speaks COUGH but so many more that are fantastic parents that go through hell but with every bad day, comes a good day…it’s not easy looking after someone with Autism but it’s so rewarding when you see them doing well for themselves someday and 99.99% never resort to locking them away or trying to kill them! Wow, what is the secret? Being decent human beings I guess!

I have Autism and my parents didn’t try to kill me! I had tantrums and needed much attention, doing fine in 2018! No excuses for any parent to try and kill their children, I don’t give a monkey if you can’t cope! Murder is still murder… If you can even consider killing your child as an option…something is really wrong with you…there is no, ”oh but he has severe Autism” I don’t care…you couldn’t give me a single excuse in the world that makes killing someone for having a disability ok…If you can’t cope, get help…surely someone is trained in that profession to offer assistance in some shape or form…Many people struggle to cope having someone with Autism and that’s sad… No excuses in this article…please keep this person away from this child…for his safety and the rest of the world!

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  1. Thank you for a thoughtful posting.

    Yesterday I was in the ‘kids park’ with my grandchildren and it was all in all a good day for everyone. A number of times I watched my grandson, who is autistic, stay in this one climbing structure at the very top looking out over the park with a smile on his face talking a mile a minute to himself. As time went on other children climbed up and around him only glancing at the fact that he was talking with nobody. I loved the fact that these other children were not tainted by age or parental opinion that talking to yourself was crazy
    ….but wondered what he will think when he does encounter and understand their actions.

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