What do people do when they get upset about something? Getting angry…it happens to us all but some are better than others at dealing with it and when it comes to Autism, getting angry leads to having a meltdown…which I think we can all relate to.

Anger…tends to be something that is always linked to Autism nowadays, ”People with Autism have short fuses” and whenever I get wound up by something or someone, the emotion I tend to always express is anger! Every time someone says something to me that I don’t agree with, I’ll get angry and it’s gotten to the point now that I’m questioning why this is so. Everyone gets angry, that much is obvious…many people with Autism are calm individuals who don’t struggle with emotions whatsoever, yet you look it up on Google and find a whole range of topics relating to the two.

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Why so angry all of the time? It’s weird because I don’t consider myself to be an individual who can easily lose his cool, yet when a situation arises such as someone disagreeing with me for example, chances are I’ll get annoyed by it and lose my cool a little bit and I can spend a couple of hours feeling down about it all and it really annoys me that I allow this to happen quite often. I don’t always understand my feelings or emotions but one that I could have a bit of understanding about would be Anger…easily because a lot of my life, I have been angry over many things and it just becomes easy if you do it often.

In my childhood, I can recall breaking things when I was mad, from lights, wardrobes to beds and for a long time, I couldn’t understand that what I was doing was wrong and even today, sometimes it doesn’t come to me straight away if I’m upset about something, I’ll be furious about something but over time it’ll ease off and I’ll return to normal, regretting my actions and words along the way…emotions are hard for me to always grasp and at times…I guess I don’t always feel human because of that and that’s because when I go into that place, it’s like all compassion and cares disappears for me for a little bit…it’ll always come back but I really do feel invincible for a while and I hate that feeling because depending on the situation at hand, I might feel a little bit too angry or sad and for others, that’s not good. Not that I would ever do anything but I feel like I would and I hope that I never do if someone pushes me too far one day.

Well, I just made myself sound unstable when going into a meltdown but it’s a strange feeling that makes you feel like you can take on anything or anyone and even though you probably can’t, the feeling doesn’t go away straight away! Your anger takes over and you just don’t care what happens…not something I look forward to but it happens from time to time and it’s something I’d like to get under control…I wonder how other people with Autism deal with meltdowns? I have a friend who tends to lock himself away if he’s stressed if socialising gets too much for him and at times, I can go 3 weeks without hearing anything from him, to the point where he only wants to meet up on some weekends as he gets too tired from his job on weekdays, which I understand but with the rest of my friends busy on a lot of weekends, it makes it very hard for us all to meet up.

We all deal with our emotions in different ways and I really envy those that can control anger in moments of stress and carry on…I feel like I’m better at it than when I was a teen but would prefer to be a little more controlling of it, especially at work or around friends and family but at least I don’t need to step outside and calm down anymore, I needed to do that all the time years ago and it got really annoying because I just couldn’t cope. That makes me worry about my friend who isolates himself away after a meltdown because even spending time with family is too much for the poor lad and he lives by himself, not the best formula for dealing with your Aspergers in my opinion.

Do you think that this is common amongst the Autistic community, do we really have short tempers and tend to lose our cools often? I’m not so sure it counts for everyone within the community but I know some people with Autism and they also tend to get a little ticked off without much effort! I know that a common phrase for this would be a “Meltdown” where you just shut down completely and go into rage mode but I don’t mean having a meltdown in this sense…you can get angry and not have a meltdown…also everyone gets angry, with or without Autism so why is it associated with Autism so much? Lack of understanding…who knows?

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