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For me at least, WWE’s latest shake-up attempt lacked interest from me, I tried to watch and be invested in who was going to end up on Raw but for the life of me…I just couldn’t completely pay attention!

The show wasn’t very exciting and was all about which Smackdown superstars were heading over to Raw and we saw some surprises and some disappointment as well because some superstars weren’t drafted over that would have been better choices and it just makes me think that superstars that have been struggling to get over on Smackdown are being moved over to Raw for a makeover! A 2nd chance so to say!

Matches weren’t all that important tonight, it was clear that they didn’t matter and where like halftime shows before the next superstar announcement!

Here is a shortlist of some of the moves made on tonight’s show!

  1. Jinder Mahal– First off, why did he imminently lose the United States Championship on his first night?  First of all, I am not a huge fan of Mahal, not whatsoever! His character has been lacking ever since he held the WWE Championship on Smackdown but nonetheless, this first night didn’t need to happen! Demanding the same treatment as Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, General Manager makes a championship match, to which Jeff Hardy takes on, not only that…he defeats Mahal and wins the U.S Championship! Cool moment but does it mean that Seth Rollins ends up on Smackdown…or will Jeff Hardy be sent to Smackdown? Not sure about this moment because I don’t want the Intercontinental Championship off Raw when I view it as the more important belt out of the mid-card championships. What does this mean for Mahal…we’ll have to wait and see but not a great start for him!
  2. Riot Squad- Am I supposed to care about this? These three women made me fast forward Smackdown every week because they all are boring together…noothing good came out of it on Smackdown so I highly doubt a change of scenery will do any good for them! Ruby Riot is the only decent one out of the three and personally, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan can go back to NXT for all I care! Break these 3 women up because they just don’t do it for me! Not at all, they barely get a reaction and live crowds look like they just don’t care about them at all!
  3. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn- It was bound to happen! The manner it happened though wasn’t that entertaining, only to have the Miz be sent to Smackdown…the only saving grace during this announcement! I fear for Sami Zayn though as to this day, he still has no championship reigns under his belt and unless he can challenge for the U.S Championship…I see another year fly by for him with not much to speak off and for someone as good as he is, that’s a crime! If Jinder Mahal can be given a WWE Championship run and a U.S Championship, then why can’t Sami Zayn have at the very least a Tag Team Championship run?! Kevin Owens is already established so the situation isn’t as dire for him, plus I could easily see a KO vs Jeff Hardy match down the road!
  4. Fashion Police (Breezango) Needed to happen as they were stale on Smackdown so a change of scenery is very welcome here for them both but I hope that this time around, they are used better on Raw and they need a Tag Team run under their belts or this team is a failure! They seriously lost steam on Smackdown and as of now…I don’t see that changing anytime soon!
  5. Natalya- Didn’t understand this one…was expecting a Charlotte or a Becky Lynch instead so felt let down that Natalya of all people showed up! A future feud with Ronda Rousey?! Just a stepping stone if you ask me! Not anything to write home about and within a month or so will probably be in the same position as Alicia Fox…as in not appearing on TV!
  6. Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre- A headscratcher moment here because why would you place Drew Mcintyre with Dolph Ziggler of all people? A strange one but it could actually work if booked correctly! One to watch out for over the coming months! Drew Mcintyre is a hot prospect and I could easily see Championships around his waist! Just needs to wait until Brock Lesnar loses the Universal Championship and many superstars could be in line to hold the red fruity roll!
  7. Bobby Roode- Needs to turn heel! Face Roode is unexciting and no different from any other superstar in his situation! Face Roode isn’t exciting or a standout, his mic skills lacked on Smackdown so I pray that Bobby Roode goes back to his NXT ways on Raw! If that can be done, then this will be the right decision, otherwise…why did you move him? He was getting stale on Smackdown bit by bit if you ask me…fans went from singing his theme song on his debut to barely a reaction in the last couple of months…WWE creative ruining his character in the last year and I pray that Raw get this right!

The rest include in my order of importance

  • Baron Corbin
  • Chad Gable
  • The Ascension
  • Mojo Rawley
  • Zack Ryder
  • Mike Kanellis

The matches included the following

  • Jeff Hardy vs Jinder Mahal- United States Championship Match- Decent opener and I didn’t see it coming at all, this swap all of a sudden made things interesting! Jeff Hardy defeats Mahal via a Swanton Bomb for his 1st U.S Championship Reign
  • Bayley vs Sasha Banks
  • The Authors of Pain vs Heath Slater/Rhyno– Essentially…a squash match and made the AOP look incredibly strong in this match but it’s hard to see where Heath Slater and Rhyno go from here…they’ll get nowhere near the Raw Tag Team Championships…maybe a move to Smackdown is needed or they’ll just be jobbers on Raw for the rest of 2018 and onwards
  • ”Woken Matt Hardy” and Bray Wyatt vs The Revival- Winner faces The Bar (Cesaro/Sheamus) at the Greatest Royal Rumble PPV so the newly placed Tag Team defeats The Revival in an OK match but it was obvious who was going to win this one! Makes you wonder what is going to happen to Revival after this match, alongside many other teams on Raw that can’t seem to catch a break!
  • Ember Moon vs Mickie James- With Nia Jax on commentary, we see Ember Moon comfortably go over Mickie James and that finisher looked sick! I loved the end and all but felt like Nia Jax/Alexa Bliss bit took away from the match…such a boring feud and for me, Alexa Bliss is the most overrated wrestler on the Raw roster, her mic skills are rubbish and her character doesn’t sell….a bitter, angry short person is all I can ever think about when I see her on TV and as for Mickie James…a hypocrite! After the Piggy James storyline years ago…to see her bully someone else…get her off TV! Please, she brings nothing to WWE anymore…not even a reaction anymore! Get the Nia Jax/Alexa Bliss rematch over with and keep Alexa away from the championship for a while…she did nothing with the belt at all! Don’t think Nia Jax will hold it for very long though…too soon for Ember Moon and I think Asuka will be going to Smackdown but I really don’t want Alexa Bliss as champion again! The worst heel on TV!
  • Natalya vs Mandy Rose- I’ll be honest- fast forwarded this match and just watched the Ronda Rousey bit postmatch, want to know why…does this match scream exciting to you? Mandy Rose is rubbish! I want to watch WWE, be excited, not put asleep and I record Raw and Smackdown because I live in Britain, it’s on at like 1am over here! You want me to stay up for Mandy Rose? Where’s Becky Lynch…can’t she get a match on TV anymore but Mandy Rose and Liv Morgan can?! A crime!
  • Breezango vs Sheamus/Cesaro– First night on Raw so of course Breezango were going to win but will it mean anything in the long plan of the year? Did I do anything for Titus Worldwide? Of course not…wish it would but I doubt it! No idea where the Raw tag teams will be going come May but I see Cesaro and Sheamus challenging the Matt Hardy/Wyatt team for a while yet! 
  • 10 Man Tag Team Main Event Seth Rollins/Finn Balor/Bobby Lashley/ Brawn Strowman and Bobby Roode vs The Miz/Curt Hawkins/Bo Dallas/ Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn- Not a fan of multi-man tag team matches! Too cluttery and can be really slow for the majority of the match! This match didn’t do much, apart from introducing Bobby Roode to Raw and saying goodbye to The Miz as he heads to Smackdown! The babyfaces win the match with Brawn Strowman crushing Miz and sorry but I can’t really say much about this match because everything you expected to happen…did no real surprises or shocks to carry into next week, the babyfaces stand tall as we head into Smackdown for part 2 of the Superstar shakeup where we’ll have our final answers as to who goes where…hope Smackdown has a few more good trades than Raw did this time around because I was underwhelmed by this show…apart from Drew Mcintyre, nothing surprised me at all!


Star of the Show- Sami Zayn…for wearing glasses!

Overall, we all know that we are at the time of the year where WWE takes it’s foot off the gas pedal and goes on autopilot mode until we get near Summerslam! I don’t expect anything that interesting in the coming months to be honest…let’s be real here…WWE is only very good once the road to Wrestlemania kicks off, it’s decent around Survivor Series and Summerslam but as for the rest…it’s rare to see anything amazing!

Raw last year had to rely on reuniting the Shield and was preparing for Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar and having Kurt Angle deal with having Jason Jordan as a son (God helps us all if that picks up again) This year could see Roman Reigns as champion and if he does defeat Brock Lesnar, who will he challenge? I have 2 candidates!

Samoa Joe– An obvious one because they are already starting a feud and this makes me think that Reigns will beat Lesnar in Saudi Arabia….Reigns and Joe have a match at Backlash…I bet that will be a Universal Championship match…I mean why else does Joe keep bringing up the fact that Lesnar always beats Reigns whenever they meet in the ring! If Lesnar beats Reigns again, what will that do for the Joe vs Reigns feud? Joe proven right and Reigns wants revenge…only makes sense if Joe interferes in the cage match in Saudi Arabia and costs Reigns the match! If that doesn’t happen then it makes it obvious who will win at Backlash…no way WWE gives Reigns a short championship run!

Brawn Strowman– They’ve fought before and had good matches, would be easy to see them do it again! A man who should be Champion now in my opinion, he’s over with the fans and it’d be nice to have a champion who isn’t drowned out by boo’s in every main event…gets really annoying when Roman Reigns is on TV because he’s drowned out by boo’s every match and it’s terrible television now! If WWE can’t pull the plug on Reigns then it’ll be more years of main event PPV matches with boos in all of them…every Roman Reigns main event match nowadays is full of boos from fans who know he is being forced upon them and they are saying no, we don’t want to be told who we can like WWE! Strowman has won the support of the fans and deserves to be where Reigns is right now…WWE needs to accept they have lost and move on from Reigns and Lesnar! I’m sorry ladies who like Reigns but I’m fed up of boos in every match Reigns is in…if you watched WM34…can you recall another Wrestlemania main event disrespected so much by the fans…who was paying attention to it?  Lesnar’s reign was boring…nothing noteworthy to mention about it!

Do you agree or disagree?

See you all next week!

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