To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 21- Kiyomizu-Dera

Hello and Konnichiwa 今晩は Welcome to part 21 of my Japanese adventure! Today we move from the The Golden Pavilion to the temple called Kiyomizu-Dera but before we go over there….we feel a bit hungry so head over to Marutamachi subway station to grab some lunch and behold…we find a place that sells Dumplings! Octopus Dumplings for lunch! […]

To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 19- Fushimi Inari- Taisha Shrine

Konnichiwa (こんばんは)  After our trip around the Imperial Palace, we grabbed lunch at a place called Mos Burger It looked like the Japanese version of McDonald’s or Burger King but to be honest it was the first place we saw after leaving the subway and we were quite hungry…wasn’t that bad actually BUT THEY PUT […]

To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 16- Lost In Kyoto

Hello and Konnichiwa! こんにいちは We had arrived in Kyoto, our second destination on this wacky thing that we have called an adventure but this chapter will not include an escapade around a Castle, shrine or historical landmark of interest…, this time I will talk about a rather…annoying part of the honeymoon that almost caused a […]

To The Land Of The Rising Sun Part 15- さようなら Sayonara Tokyo

The morning came and we sighed as we finished packing our suitcases after having breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. After doing so, we slowly checked out of the hotel and walked towards the nearest train station. Feeling excited about the next chapter of our journey, we started to talk about what we could be doing […]